Governance, Risk & Compliance

To manage you need to measure, monitor and analyze
Access information when and where you need it. 

Make proactive decisions based on Accurate Quality Data. 
Let your resources work where they need to be
metrax is the new way for C-Suite executives to experience visibility into operations, while increasing productivity of corporate resources and minimizing business risks.
metrax is a management tool that blends current technology with legacy business systems to create strategic advantage for our clients.There is no single classification for what metrax does for an organization. It is an executive dashboard for the CEO, a time saving communication tool for field personnel, an accountants' dream for reporting period end accruals, a cost control tool for project managers and a blessing for all stakeholders due to the operational visibility and accountability introduced into the corporate environment.
By implementing metrax , you can exploit the benefits of tactical operations while seamlessly deploying a more strategic and cost effective approach to compliance activities. It’s about leveraging your data at every level of the organization, so that all stakeholders can maximize their contribution to the organization.
Significant value can be achieved from the start by getting all stakeholders to work together to take practical, measured steps toward integrating business processes. In deciding to the take the first step, consider not only the value of reducing risk while driving improved performance but also the value of demonstrating to the market place that your organization is run based on principled business decisions. "GRC Redbook 3.5, Open Compliance & Ethics Group (OCEG), 2009"