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Also known as (SCR or Stakeholder Cost Reporting) - Track your critical corporate metrics

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About Us
metrax is growing by developing strategic relationships. We are aligned with affiliates to provide a full suite of professionals who have combined areas of expertise to provide our clients with a full-suite of GRC software and related consulting services.
Our mission is to provide corporate and other organizational leaders with timely reliable data from which they can easily derive their own opinions and make informed decisions. To do that, it is important to have tools that drive performance and agility in today's complex economy.
metrax helps your organization to track, measure, analyze, predict and report on performance opportunities, trends and risks. Making "BIG DATA" work for you is now possible.

metrax provides insight into:

• compliancy
• cost tracking
• risk mitigation
• operational visibility
• operational efficiency
• manpower productivity
• strategic content management
• real time visibility and more control over day to day operations



metrax consultants help clients protect and enhance corporate value by solving business problems in operations with a practical common-sense approach.

metrax has a team of Senior Consultants with deep experience in various industries to help organizations improve efficiency and productivity. Each industry presents a distinct set of risks and opportunities that can be managed to create competitive advantage.

metrax can help you plan, grow and structure your business. We are known for our straight-forward approach to solving complex challenges with creativity and common sense.



Industry Experience

We have Senior Executives with over 30 years experience working with Oil and Gas Companies in various countries in Africa, North America and the Middle East. Systems include integrated oil and gas information systems, geo-science data management, cost control of operations and project management, joint venture accounting, revenue distribution, accounts payable and accounts receivable, materials management and records management of corporate.


We also have International Agricultural Consultants which design and execute  innovative projects addressing complex food security issues from concept to implementation and completion. Projects typically involve specialists from many disciplines. The projects engage and train domestic talent in a wide variety of cultures. Case study available upon request.


Financing and Data mining in the financing industry in Canada, as well as other environments for over 30 years, shows that we have been doing business intelligence projects long before the term was coined. The results of some implementations are still in use today and widely known due to the successful marketing of projects resulting from that research. Case studies available upon request. 


We have created and implemented systems for the Commercial and Residential real estate sector. Systems include project cost control, document management, materials management, human resource tracking and quality control systems for ISO certification. The project illustrated left is a company that manufactures homes on a production line in Santiago Chile. They required a system for managing plants in various cultures and currencies. Metrax provided the client with the ability to license their IP.  Case study available upon request. 


Requirement studies, designing data management facilities, creating document management systems,  consolidating a variety of data sets into a single location, including the national archives for various countries. Projects executed in various continents since 1985 included the migration of data from paper and film to digital document media, including digital document strategies for managing electronic data.

Company history
metrax has been performing requirement studies and implementing business systems since 1986.
Case Studies
Case Studies are available upon request